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Sunday 23 Dec 2018

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Provincial Grand Lodge of Derbyshire

At the December meeting of the Round Table Lodge of Derbyshire held at Dore Masonic Hall, Bro John Plumridge, accompanied by his wife Doreen was presented with his 60 year certificate in Freemasonry by VW Bro John Beard.

The audience which included members and their guests and families listened when VW Bro Beard reminded us that in 1928, Women became eligible to vote at 21 instead of 30. John Logie Baird demonstrated the first television transmission. Dixie Dean scored 60 goals for Everton, Heinz beans were produced for the first time in the UK, Harry Ramsden opened his first fish and chip shop – and Reginald John Plumridge was born on the 26th August in Nottingham. 

Leaving school at 14 years old he went to business college after which he joined the Pearl Assurance Company as a clerk. He performed his National Service from 1947 to 1949 at the end of which he became an agent for the Pearl and worked in the Beeston area of Nottingham. 

He later moved to Burton on Tent as an assistant district manager lodging at Swadlincote and it was at this time he became a Freemason having been encouraged to do so by a work colleague. He was initiated into St Edwards Lodge No 966 in the Province of Staffordshire on the 30th December 1957. 

1957 is before the living memory of many of the members of Round Table Lodge – it was the peak of the time of the “ baby boomers “ – Elvis bought Graceland following his hit record Jailhouse Rock. The Cavern Club opened in Liverpool and Russia launched their first satellites. The Suez crisis was still on going and Eden resigned as Prime Minister. 

In 1965 John moved to Leek as a district manager and joined Round Table. His final move was in 1978 when still working for the Pearl Assurance Company he moved to King Egbert Road in Dore where he still lives with his wife Doreen. He was still attending St Edwards Lodge but called in to Dore Masonic Hall and joined the Round Table Lodge of Derbyshire on March 17th 1982, serving the Lodge for some 37 years including taking office as Assistant Secretary and Lodge Almoner – not retiring from this acting office until 2008 at the age of 80! Choosing not to go through the chair of the Lodge, John received the Provincial rank of Past Assistant Grand Standard Bearer in 2002. 

John has an enduring passion for the music of James Last and has travelled extensively throughout Europe to see him perform live. But most of the members of Round Table Lodge know John for his cheerful disposition and no member can fail to be impressed with such a record of long service which no doubt they will all hope goes on for many years to come.


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